this morning’s discovery.

Print This morning, I had a bit more to “rise & shine” for. Or rather, a reason to lay in bed without the “rise” and just “shine.”

I’d say I sleep mostly on my stomach, but somewhat on my side. I end up with my legs in a figure four type position, with more weight typically on my left side. (Not that it matters, but I’ll give you a picture. I make horrible stick figures that are totally worth a good laugh.)

So over the past two weeks or so, I’ve been able to feel the bubble in my belly made by the growing bubble. It’s felt the same day after day, small but noticeable, and it’s been nice to know it’s in there.

This morning, however, the bubble in my belly was bigger and more noticeable. How cool! I stayed in bed for a bit, just enjoying the feeling. I know it’s not the real bubble I’m feeling, but it’s certainly in there somewhere.

I’m really hoping I’m not sick for much longer, because I’d love to enjoy the next 29 weeks of bubble-growing. I can only imagine what’s next! :)

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